“Bright Light” (2011)

“Americana at its finest – you¹ll hear acoustic guitars, banjo picking, musical saws and lyrics about whiskey, nostalgia, drinkin’ from mason jar, and murder. But Gwendolyn¹s…voice elevates everything to its own genre, Gwendicana”


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“Lower Mill Road” (2007)


“Lush Celtic settings are well suited to these nine songs about false-hearted lovers, communing with the elements and the cycles of time.”


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“Dew” (2003)

“offers abstract meditations on obsession amid a psychedelic-acoustic cabaret that suggests Sam Phillips borrowing Tom Waits’ bottle-banging percussion.”



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“Ultrasounds” (2000)

“(Gwendolyn’s) utterly hooky, memorable melodies take the quirkiest turns, making one wish that Zappa was alive to hear her – he would have been smitten by her both childlike and demented demeanor.”  – LA WEEKLY”


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